NEW Supplier Readiness Program by Skilldora

New Supplier Readiness Program makes it easier for local small businesses to partner with local big businesses

Welcome to Skilldora’s Supplier Readiness Program, a top-tier online certification initiative tailored to empower diverse suppliers. Our comprehensive 7-part program is meticulously crafted to enhance essential business acumen and boost readiness skills necessary for fruitful collaboration with major corporations. By participating in this program, sourcing companies gain direct access to certified candidates, creating a seamless pathway for connections and collaborations.

This Program Focuses On 3-Components:

1. Upskilling & improving the business acumen of diverse suppliers

2. Ensuring diverse suppliers register on the sourcing company's website

3. Connecting Diverse suppliers with supplier diversity teams

On Aug 17 2023, Skilldora's Supplier Readiness Program Official Launches for Diverse Suppliers

Piloting in the Charlotte market first, the self-paced and on-demand supplier readiness program offers a comprehensive learning experience. It begins by instilling a supplier-ready mindset, allowing candidates to assess their strengths and identify areas for growth. From there, participants delve into the world of small business supplier dynamics, understanding key terms, managing relationships with sourcing companies, and proactively overcoming common obstacles and setbacks.

How the Supplier Readiness Program works in 3 steps over 90 days for program candidates

  1. Set Up Profile via Skilldora’s website
  2. Start & Complete Online Supplier Readiness Training w/ exam & certification. Launching Aug 17 2023
  3. Register as a supplier on the websites of participating corporate sourcing partners


Become Certified in Supplier Readiness with Skilldora

Immerse yourself in our self-paced Supplier Readiness Program, designed for comprehensive learning. Develop a supplier-ready mindset, assess strengths, understand small business dynamics, manage relationships with sourcing companies, and overcome obstacles. Unleash your supplier potential with our transformative program.

Upon Completion diverse suppliers will be:

  1. Supplier Readiness Certified
  2. Enrolled and active supplier
  3. In touch with participating sourcing partner
Skilldora is looking to partner with Diverse Supplier organizations, agencies, corporations and Certified Diverse Suppliers seeking to drive their workforce and economic development efforts.
 Contact our team now to learn more at: to join the waitlist.

About Skilldora: Skilldora is a pioneering AI EdTech platform and accredited e-Learning provider offering on-demand continuing education for adult learners. With micro-credentialed certification programs led by AI Avatar Instructors, Skilldora supports personal development, professional growth, leadership advancement, career progression, and entrepreneurial pursuits. Skilldora partners with organizations, agencies, and corporations to drive workforce and economic development efforts.