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Welcome to Skilldora – Your Partner in eLearning Excellence!

At Skilldora, we are pioneering the field of eLearning, offering unique custom-tailored workforce development courses and exclusive AI-driven Learning Management System (LMS) platforms.

Why Choose Skilldora as Your eLearning Partner?

1. Custom-Tailored Online Course Development

We understand the importance of tailored solutions. Our team creates your course content, led by AI avatar instructors, specifically aligned with your course topics and learning objectives. Keeping it stress free and simple, you provide the learning objectives, we’ll research and develop the curriculum.

2. Your Exclusive Branded LMS Platform

Step away from generic platforms. Skilldora specializes in crafting LMS platforms uniquely customized to your brand, enabling seamless management, delivery, and progress tracking while preserving your organization’s identity.

3. Pioneering AI Avatar Instruction

Skilldora is proud to be the first e-learning provider in the U.S. to employ AI Avatars for accredited online courses. Our dedication to innovation ensures your workforce receives cutting-edge training, positioning you as an industry leader.

4. A Trusted and Certified Partner

We are a registered federal government entity and a certified minority business enterprise company. Our credentials underscore our commitment to excellence and diversity. When you partner with us, you align with a reputable and reliable organization.

Let Skilldora’s team of professional experts design & develop your winning online-training program in 50% less time!

More than your average eLearning Platform, your new LMS will feature:

  • Custom Profile Setting: Learners can set up a personalized landing page that informs and expresses who they are including their experiences. 
  • Account Management: The learner’s account allows them to set and manage their levels of privacy to meet their expectation. They can change and manage things like passwords, login information, user ID, email preferences, privacy, blocked members, group invites, and more.
  • On & Off Site Notifications: Your notifications will alert learners on things like when a new course has been added, or if you have a new message, a new connection request, as well as if someone has tagged or mentioned them in the community feed. Notifications are a great way to keep in touch with the community.
  • Public and Private Groups: To maintain engagement, a unique group is created for each course for learners to access and use that group to congregate, discuss ideas, and share their experiences. 

Benefits To You

Accelerated Deployment

Ensure your ideal course and LMS platform is swiftly prepared for deployment in a matter of days, as opposed to the lengthy timeframe typically associated with such developments. This expedited process will enable you to redirect your focus from course development to the core activities of advancing your business.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Steer clear of expensive all-in-one SaaS platforms that make grand promises but ultimately come with exorbitant costs. Instead, opt for our Done For You service, which not only provides a cost-effective solution but also includes a complimentary tech support, year after year.

Unlocking Your Vision

You may have aspired to have a platform tailored precisely to your needs, but popular all-in-one tools often fall short of expectations. Now, you can achieve your vision with a platform that aligns perfectly with your requirements, featuring best-in-class tools designed for every facet of your business.

Who We Have Served…

View Examples of Course Lessons

Course Lesson Example – Created by Skilldora for Urban League of Central Carolina  (Understanding Microsoft Excel)

Course Lesson Example – Created by Skilldora for Cajer (Military Transitioning into Consulting)

Explainer Video Example – Created by Skilldora  for 4th Graders (What is Solar Energy)

Explore Our Offerings

In addition to our custom services, we provide licensing options for our comprehensive list of skill-based online certification programs. Our extensive course catalog guarantees you’ll find the ideal fit for your organization’s needs.

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