Skilldora Inc. Joins the Ranks of SCRA Member Companies!

Committed to Excellence and Integrity

At Skilldora Inc., innovation and progress have always been at the core of our mission. We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you: As of June 2023, Skilldora Inc. is now a proud member company of the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA)!

Since our inception, Skilldora Inc. has relentlessly pursued the path of innovation. It’s not just something we do; it’s who we are. With a deep-rooted commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, our team has consistently strived to revolutionize industries and make a positive impact in the world.

What This Means for Us and You:

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Resources: As an SCRA member company, Skilldora Inc. gains access to a vast network of resources, including funding opportunities, research support, and collaboration prospects with other like-minded organizations.
  • Supporting Local Innovation: We’re proud to be part of SCRA’s efforts to drive innovation and economic development within South Carolina. This partnership enables us to contribute even more to our local community and state.
  • Accelerated Growth: With SCRA’s backing, Skilldora Inc. is poised for accelerated growth and development. We’re excited to take our innovative projects to new heights, benefiting our customers and partners along the way.

The Significance of SCRA:

SCRA brings together the key players in innovation. By working in close alignment with academic institutions, entrepreneurs, and industry, four key areas of focus have been defined as being the drivers of South Carolina’s innovation economy:

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Clean Tech, Sustainability, and Resilience

These key sectors align with South Carolina’s workforce strengths, institutional research, and existing companies. The intersection of multiple sectors yields the most significant potential for innovation and economic growth.