How Organizations Can Partner with Us:

While Skilldora is a membership based online-learning platform open to the public community of learners, we aim to build partnerships with professional organizations, educational institutions, and global enterprises driving continuing education needs.

See below two of the most common ways to partner with Skilldora:

Are you seeking an easier ways to ensure your organization gets trained & certified for the most in-demand skillsets with no hassle? Look no further, Skilldora’s licensing program makes it easier than ever!

✔ Best annual pricing for your teams!
✔ Guaranteed online program availability!
✔ Easy access to completion reports & user data!
✔ Price locks!
✔ Personalized Account Success Manager!
✔ *Customization opportunities!

Perfect for organizations requiring their designated professionals to obtain continuing education credits throughout the year! Skilldora’s Preferred Provider Partnership (PPP) allows us to cater to the needs of your professionals.

✔ Easy access to continuing education credits!
✔ Programs designed to speak to our partner’s professional audiences!
✔ 10% discount on all courses!
✔ Cross marketing partnership opportunities!
✔ Personalized Account Success Manager!