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Owner / Chief Maven

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Synergy Maven, LLC

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Corey Trujillo has been in mortgage and real estate marketing for 18 years. Her marketing agency, Synergy Maven, serves top lenders in the industry nationally, and she is a well-known speaker and event director in the finance space. Described as a “needle-mover” and a “creative powerhouse” for companies looking to solidify their brand, her expertise allows companies to grow more efficiently.

Trujillo is passionate about creativity and the endless possibilities of embracing change to secure her clients’ success well into the future. She has been an early adopter of leading-edge tech, computing, and new media since the outset of her career. She remains an advocate for bold innovation in the art of marketing, event management, and branding. Her steadfastness through the industry’s ups and downs indicates who she is as a business owner, a maker, an industry educator, and a person.