Empower your team to grow & certify their skills for today’s modern business & tech driven world!

If you’re looking for an easier way to help your learners get trained & certified in the most in demand subjects with no hassle, look no further, Skilldora’s licensing program makes it easier than ever to get your people performing at the highest levels!

Perfect for organizations requiring their teams to obtain certified learning in all areas of business and specialized aspects of tech, Skilldora’s licenses are issued at the organizational level for annual use and provide an opportunity for you to administer our online programs directly to your team!

Ready to license Skilldora’s programs, book a demo with our team Today to learn more!

In this demo, you’ll learn about:

✔  Unlimited access to accredited certified online programs across 5 categories (i.e. personal, professional, leadership development, career advancement, entrepreneurship)

✔  Licensing options designed to meet you where you are + delivery modes to best fit your needs

✔  Innovative & robust platform features offering on-demand, immersive, and cohort-based learning for your team

✔  In-demand top trending learning topics and actionable learner insights to drive high usage and course completion rates

See how our licensing works in 3 steps:

Simply choose any of our online course titles from over 5-learning categories consisting of 20 programs perfect for supporting workforce-development or economic-development efforts.

*Note: 85% of our programs are 1-Hour Accredited Online Course Programs, with 15% consisting of our 4-Hour Accredited Online Course Program. A price difference based on 4 hour vs. 1 hour.

Once you’ve selected your desired program(s), simply select the license type you will need to satisfy your population of learners for each program. * i.e. If you selected two course titles from our 1-hour programs, you would need two licenses from the 1-hour column below.

4-Hour Accredited Online Course
Program, with exam and certification:

  1. (Standard License) =40 Certifications: Costs (let’s talk) 
  2. (Pro License) = 100 Certifications: Costs (let’s talk)
  3. (Enterprise License)  = Unlimited Certifications: Costs (let’s talk)

1-Hour Accredited Online Course
Programs, with completion certification:

  1. (Standard license) =40 Certifications: Costs (let’s talk)
  2. (Pro License) =100 Certifications: Costs (let’s talk)
  3. (Enterprise License) =Unlimited Certifications: Costs (let’s talk)

Now that you’ve selected your programs and the license type desired to satisfy your number of learners, you are ready to check out & pay. Upon payment, you will receive receipt of payment, a digital licensing agreement to your email, and a secure special discount code to administer directly to your learners to enable them to access the selected programs on Skilldora’s site, at no cost to them. 

If your organization will require direct private access to the online programs you’ve selected bypassing Skilldora’s platform altogether, we are happy to offer you guest hosted private LMS access which places your selected courses in a private secure environment only available to your learners. 

Our direct private access model offers you a private LMS platform hosted by Skilldora, customized to your brand logo and colors so that it feels like an extension of your organizational experience. This service includes an annual additional fee and provides your learners with private access to your very own Skilldora hosted LMS platform.