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About The (CATP™) Exam and Certification:

The CATP™ designation is an earned certification only achieved by successfully passing the CATP™ exam and is designed to demonstrate professional competence in the Enterprise Agile Transformation space.  For this reason, Agile Educate D/B/A BrandDisco LLC, offers a certificate of completion to signify course completion and a separate official certificate as a “Certified Agile Transformation Professional” to signify skill competency!

The (CATP™) Exam is a 50-Question timed exam that allows participants a total of 60-minutes to demonstrate their knowledge and counts as 1.0 CPD/PDU in addition to any other course related CPD’s.

The (CATP™) Exam Prerequisites:

In order to be eligible to take the (CATP™) exam, you must successfully complete either the official (CATP™) 2-Day Virtual Classroom training with an approved (CATP™) Certified Instructor,  or the (CATP™) Online Training Course. Once completed, the exam will become automatically active and accessible to participants.  *Effective March 20, 2021, those who register to take the online course will be automatically routed/redirected to the exam within 30 days of course completion.

Exam Learning Rationale:

While the majority of the exam largely focuses on the Agile Transformation Learning concepts introduced, participants’ will also be graded on their ability to apply these concepts to real life Agile Transformation scenarios, as well as their ability to demonstrate general understanding and knowledge from one concept to the other.

Question Types:

The exam is composed of:

  • 42-Multiple Choice Questions
  • 8-True or False Questions

Answer Types:

While many questions require a singular response (right answer), there are a few questions that have multiple right answers per question.     *The exam identifies when a question allows for more than one response.

Exam Breakdown per Module:

The (CATP™) Exam evenly covers content from all 8-modules spanning across concepts, application and knowledge with questions that represent the lectures and practice exercises introduced along the way.

Preparing for the CATP™️ Exam:

There are many ways to best prepare for the CATP™️ Exam and it will vary based on the type of learner you are.

  • Read/Write learners may find it best to take and study their notes or fill in the participant guide as they are learning.
  • Visual Learners may find the images and concepts in the participant guide helpful and may take pictures of certain slides.
  • Kinesthetic Learners may enjoy the hands on quizzes and practice activities and may go back to these as a means of study.
  • Audio learners may record themselves reading & answering aloud the practice questions and playing these back for repetition.
  • Whichever your preferred method, rest assured that many of the same concepts you learn and practice will be present on your exam. There should be no surprises.

Taking The CATP™️ Exam Post Training:

Although participants are given up to 30 days to take the (CATP™) Exam after their course completion, we recommend taking the exam immediately after, or within 3-days of the (CATP™) training course, while the information is still fresh and motivation is in momentum.

Grading for the CATP™️ Exam:

Participants must pass the CATP™ exam with a score of 85% or greater, to be eligible to earn the (CATP™) certification.

Retaking the CATP™️ Exam:

Participants are allowed 1-retake of CATP™ exam within 30 days of their course completion in the event of an unsuccessful 1st attempt. Participants who are unsuccessful in their 2nd exam attempt must retake the (CATP™) course if they desire to obtain their (CATP™) designation.