Using the Power of A.I. to Deliver a New World of eLearning

A.I. Instructed Courses™ delivering consistently structured, high quality courses, perfectly presented in under an hour. 

We Believe in the Power of A.I.

We believe the world is changing rapidly and information is moving faster than we can count. Skilldora aims to be on the heels of this change and quite honestly, drivers of change. As such we are a family run business team who uses A.I. in every capacity, from our A.I. writing team, to our A.I. Instructors, we pride ourselves on providing you with power packed courses perfectly presented in under an hour.

 Easy to use Learning Management System, 100% led by A.I. Instructors.

We appeal to the modern e-learner and offer: 

  • Full Catalog of compact professional courses around top industry hot topics designed to keep the learner’s attention
  • Consistently structured training content leading to more predictable learning experiences
  • Advanced engagement functionality promoting peer-to-peer and student-teacher interaction helping the learner to feel more connected

Skilldora’s sleekly designed social community app offers a few key features:

  • Learn with Friends In-app features: Learning is better with friends. (i.e., invite a friend to start a joint learning journey, exchange private messages, etc.)
  • Community Newsfeed: Engage with other community members and friends. (i.e., share about your experience.)
  • Student & Teacher Interaction Functionality: Ask a question. Get feedback.
  • Social Learning Groups: Every Course has an associated social group. (i.e., join group and enjoy a shared learning experience.)

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About Us...

Behind the vision of Skilldora, are Husband and Wife Co-founders, DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain. DeMario McIlwain, the brainchild behind Skilldora’s innovative platform and sleek functionality, brings deep technical expertise in UI/UX design with proven experience running tech ventures, while Dawn Nicole, the heartbeat of Skilldora’s course products, brings design-thinking as a certified Agile coach and globally accredited training program creator. With this perfect marriage of skills and background, the powerful duo merges their expertise to make something magical in Skilldora.


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