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Skilldora is an accredited AI EdTech & eLearning Company making it possible for businesses, educators & learners to launch big ideas faster through a new world of AI. We specialize in using AI Digital Human Presenters in eLearning & are at the intersection of AI in Education by providing AI SaaS tools for businesses & online programs for future-forward learners. As the 1st in the US to launch an e-Learning platform & app using all AI Digital Human Instructors, today we’re proud to serve others!

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Learn with Us: Accredited Online Courses & Programs 

Skilldora offers first in class accredited online courses & certification programs presented by AI Digital Humans that meet well-vetted professional global standards! From skills development courses for adult learners, to our flagship AI Essentials Certification (AIEC) for educators & creators, all of our courses are globally accredited & earn learners 1-4 Professional Development Units (PDUs) with completion certificates.

Skilldora’s helping businesses, institutions & educators create & launch online content 50% faster using AI Instructors! Our AI-powered video creation services offer you a personalized approach to transforming your training and instructional materials into amazing AI Videos! With a quick 7-day delivery, and professionally finished videos that you own, this service is designed to accelerate your online learning goals. Whether short or long online content, videos are customizable in any language, with diverse AI Avatars & your brand logo.

License with Us: Get Access to Skilldora's Vast AI eLearning Catalog

Skilldora offers companies & organizations opportunities to become a licensing partner enabling them to offer Skilldora’s AI eLearning content to their own audiences. When you become a licensing partner you can rest assure, you’re providing students with a professional and globally-accredited learning experience. With multiple tracks available, our courses come complete with certificates, skills badges, and PDU credits. Whether you’re looking to be a reseller of courses, or upskill your employees, we’ll help you choose the licensing path that’s right for you.

Launch with Us: Our LMS Guest Hosting lets you launch your digital-learning platform faster

Skilldora offers cutting-edge LMS guest hosting as a professional service to help you accelerate your online-course delivery goals. Customizable to your brand, with college-level features and learning experiences, including a built-in Point of Sale system, we’ve got you covered. Benefit from our knowledgeable set-up team with expert consultations and 1:1 training on getting-started to help you understand your new LMS capabilities leading to a faster ramp-up! Learn More Today!

What We Believe In: Our 3-Core Values.

Family: We’re making technology and innovation a family business, teaching our 5-children that a digital company can lead with honesty to bring good into the world. More than a business, we’re building a legacy for our family and helping you build a legacy for yours.

Bravery: Barriers definitely make growth more difficult, but they are moveable. We’ve moved past quite a few ourselves as the first U.S. company and Black-owned company to launch an A.I. learning platform. We’re on a mission to ignite and support the underdogs who believe in their potential and have the bravery to manifest it.

Curiosity: Asking questions is a good thing in our industry. It’s how we solve some of the most challenging problems facing our society. Because we’re not afraid of the answers, where they will take us, or how much work they will ask of us, you can expect us to keep innovating and bringing you solutions.W

Skilldora FAQs

 Skilldora offers an opportunity for high-demand skills investing on a tight-budget, and in little time. Each course teaches hot job market must-haves, or entrepreneurial skills that would normally take many hours and dollars to acheive.

Skilldora offers a combination of soft skills, in demand job skills, and simplification of advanced skills.

Each Skilldora course offers a built-in “call and respond” recap-round at the end of each module to ensure the lessons remain sticky and top of mind. We also provide tools and tips in our final modules to ensure the learner can put their learnings into practice right away.

Skilldora courses provides its eLearner’s with the competence, and confidence to put high demand industry skills in practice by simplifying advanced concepts in under an hour.

Skilldora creates a group for each course and invites participants to join as a course co-hort group enabling them to reflect on their learnings post course as a collective.

Certificates of completions are auto generated to the eLearner via a download now link once the user finishes the final lesson of the last module.