We're More Than Just Courses, We're a Community of Learners

Features and Benefits

Skilldora is a FREE membership-based eLearning community platform and app that allows you to purchase courses at your leisure for upskilling or reskilling, while providing you unlimited access to the member amenities. (i.e., community feed, friend requests, send and receive messages, access to groups, view member profiles, forums, photos, videos, additional courses etc.)


Courses are cornerstone of our community!

Courses are offered across all category types from Career Advancement, Personal Development to Business Development, with many more to come. All Skilldora courses are approximately 60 minutes in length and typically offer 4-modules and 12-video lessons. Many of our newer courses have a recap round to ensure that our Skilldora e-learners are retain the information they are taught. Now it’s also possible to pre enroll in our courses. Once you enroll, all active members get lifetime access to a course.

Pre-Enroll in Courses:

Skilldora now offers you an opportunity to pre enroll in any course before its launch date. This new feature helps to ensure you are not only notified when a new course releases, yet are also pre-registered with access granted as soon as the NEW course is available. You are given immediate access via e-mail w/ an additional perk of 10% OFF your next course just for using the pre-enrollment feature. You will be emailed a 10% OFF Coupon code to use towards your next course.

Course Reviews:

Skilldora makes it easier than ever for you to rate and review a course, or read feedback to determine if a course is a good fit! Simply select any course, scroll to the bottom, and see all reviews. Or to write a review, select “write a review.”  

Course Ratings:

Skilldora makes it easier than ever for you to rate a course as 1-5 stars based on your learning experience. Simply select any course and see you will be promoted to rate your course up to 5 Stars.  


Your profile allows you to set up a personalized landing page that informs and expresses who you are including your experiences. It should include a photo of yourself, a little bit of background information about who you are to your level of comfort, and what some of your goals are.

Quick Access Drop Down Bar:

Your quick access drop down bar allows you to quickly access things community amenities such as your profile, account, timeline, notifications, messages, connections, groups, courses, forums, photos, videos, e-mail invites, or to log out if you so choose.


Your account allows you to set and manage your levels of privacy to meet your expectation. You can change and manage things like your password, your login, your user ID, email preferences, privacy, blocked members, group invites and more.


Your notifications will alert you to things like when a new course has been added, or if you have a new message, a new connections requests, as well as if someone has tagged or mentioned you in the community feed. Notifications are a great way to keep in touch with the community.


Messages allow you to send and receive messages from any community members. Notifications will alert you to when you have a new message or a new post.


Connections which you can access via your profile page under “my connections” allows you to stay connected, follow and support community members of choice, to foster a healthy opportunity for networking and shared growth.

Community Feed:

The community feed allows you to do a number of things such as create a posts or read other people’s posts and updates. It also contains announcements around new courses or community events. From your community feed you can access groups on your left, or see lates updates or new members on the right.


Groups are a great way to stay connected and are associated to a course. This means that as courses are launched by Skilldora, a unique group also gets created so that alumni of a course can access and use that group to congregate, discuss ideas, and share their experiences. Typically, when you purchase a course, you will be automatically granted immediate access to a group. If you have purchased a course yet don’t have access to a group, you can simply request access by hitting “Join Group”. We also recommend everyone join the FREE community group for Getting Started with Skilldora!