AI Ethics & Regulations Training Workshop: Design Your Program in 5-Steps

Adopting AI is easy, creating & regulating AI Biases, Ethics & Policies can be difficult. Learn how to create an AI Ethics Policy in 5 Steps

Don’t miss this one-day-only: Certified Training Workshop on AI Bias, Ethics & Regulations including how to create a program that addresses, manages and provides continual oversight of AI Ethics efforts.


In this exclusive 1-day workshop by Skilldora, a history making AI Ed Tech company & accredited educational platform, you will learn how to Design Your AI Ethics Program in 5-Steps and ensure that your AI systems are both ethical and compliant with industry regulations.

Target Audience:

Ideal for Business and Tech Leaders, or Program and Project Managers tasked with leading AI adoption, as AI technology continues to rapidly advance, our team will carefully guide you through the process of developing an in house AI program that meets the highest ethical and regulatory standards.

This workshop is the perfect opportunity to level up your skills and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field!

What we’ll cover:

During this training workshop intensive, you will dive into:

  • Core concepts of AI ethics and regulations
  • AI Vulnerability & Risk Factors
  • A comprehensive understanding of the key considerations and best practices for building responsible AI systems.

You’ll also learn how to apply these principles to your own projects, with a step-by-step process for designing and implementing an ethical and compliant AI program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create an enterprise wide AI ethics program at scale in 5 moves
  • Understand what key factors to look out for and consider as your adopt AI
  • Know how to provide oversight and transparency over the AI Ethics program & policies
  • Apply best practices learned to new or existing enterprise programs

What you’ll experience:

Through hands-on exercises, group breakouts and interactive activities, you’ll walk away with the knowledge and confidence to build AI programs that not only drive results, yet also meet the highest standards of ethics and compliance.

-7 Hour Duration

-Training Workshop Materials

-Digital eBook

-Engaging interactive group activities & real world experiences

What you’ll walk away with:

-Certificate of Completion

-7 CPDs learning credits

-AI Ethics Policy Builder Template

-Reference Materials

About Your Trainer:

With a corporate background in technology regulatory compliance for fortune 100 companies, turned Co-founder of Skilldora, an AI EdTech company 1st in the world to launch & accredit an eLearning platform which exclusively uses AI Digital Humans to teach online courses, Speaker, Published Author and Philanthropist, Dawn Nicole brings an unrivaled track-record for helping world class organizations succeed. Currently pioneering the AI-eLearning space, with deep certifications in Business Agility, Dawn Nicole is a Globally Accredited Trainer who brings advanced strategies & innovation to the table.

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