Skilldora is committed to advancing AI in Education for future-forward educators & modern learners.

For far too long our U.S. Education system has relied heavily upon traditional teaching methods as the rest of the world advanced and technology rapidly evolved around us.

This evolution placed a gap between the teaching profession and the way future-forward learners want to learn.

While new age concepts and technological competence were taught to students as high performing skillsets, technological advancements were minimally adopted in the way educators create and deliver the learning experiences.

This gap became evident during the Covid-19 Pandemic and was a key contributor to learning loss combined with growing teacher shortages.

Skilldora thought it was time for this to change and is on a mission to help.

As the 1st in the US to launch an e-Learning platform & app using all AI Digital Human Instructors, today we’re proud to serve others and are committed to the advancement of AI in education.

Through our ongoing education partnership opportunities and lessons earned, public use-cases and best practice guides, Skilldora seeks to be a go-to AI e-learning thought-leader who helps other educational institutions embrace AI in meaningful ways.

We are doing this by providing speaking appearances and talks, live trainings and webinars, online courses, downloadable information, and helpful tips shared through our YouTube channel, along with consultancy and partnership and tools and resources that enable school systems to create AI eLearning on demand and at scale.

Take a Moment To View These Short Videos:

AI in Learning Loss Recovery webinar

AI’s impact to eLearning in 2023 & 5 Reasons to care

See An Example of a 4th Grade STEM Course Taught by AI 

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