Disability Discrimination Policy

Disability Discrimination Policy

Reasonable Accommodations

Applicants or students who need reasonable accommodations for their disabilities or who have complaints of discrimination on the basis of their disabilities are encouraged to consult and seek a resolution with team@myskilldora.com.

The Skilldora team may require the submission of adequate documentary evidence from medical professionals describing the injury, condition or disease which forms the basis of the disability, the resulting limitation(s) of function and various alternative accommodations which would remedy the circumstance or a statement identifying in detail the alleged discriminatory act(s).

To effect better handling of the request for accommodations or of the complaint of discrimination, the director will attempt to keep requests for accommodations or complaints of discrimination confidential and will endeavor to inform only those with a “need to know”, e.g., the professor, department chair, dean, or an individual accused of discrimination. ·       

Filing a Complaint

If an applicant or student wishes to file a formal complaint of discrimination on the basis of a disability, he or she must file such a complaint within twenty (20) days after the alleged discrimination has occurred.   Applicants or students shall file the signed complaint in writing with the university-designated official.

A complaint shall contain the name, address, and telephone number (and a student identification number) of the person filing it, a detailed description of the injury, condition or disease which is the basis of the disability, a description of the resulting limitations of function and/or a complete description of the alleged discriminatory act(s).

The complaint may also be required to provide any of the following information, to the extent practicable:

  • A detailed description by medical professionals of the injury, condition or disease and the resulting limitation(s) if function which is the basis of the disability claim.
  • The issues or circumstances involved.
  • The date of the alleged discriminatory act(s).
  • Details of what allegedly occurred Identification of witnesses or others with relevant knowledge.
  • The accommodation(s) requested and/or remedy sought.
  • The alleged specific violation of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act or any other federal, state or local disability law