Skilldora is an Official Globally Accredited Training Provider

1st eLearning provider ever to gain global accreditation for online courses taught by AI Digital Human Instructors

Known for our signature method of infusing subject matter expertise with AI Avatar curated courses to quickly deliver educational content 50% faster, Skilldora’s online learning platform & app is first in the world to earn global accreditation for its use of AI Avatar Instructors. 

Being the first to earn this title means we are making it possible for Learners, Educators & Businesses to launch big ideas faster through a new world of AI. By providing accredited online programs, we are living our mission of using the power of A.I. to bring a new world of future forward skills & innovation to modern learners, educators & businesses.

Our accreditation means our learners gain continuing professional development (CPD) with every course ensuring positive and successful outcomes which lead to faster wins!