Machine Learning: Understanding Machine Learning in a Modern World

  • Grow an understanding of machine learning and its different types 
  • Expand your knowledge about industries and careers related to machine learning
  • Leave with knowledge about the skills needed, learning opportunities available, and resources surrounding machine learning that you can take advantage of immediately

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Course Details:

  • 4 Modules
  • 12 Video Lessons

Approx 1 hr To Complete

Understanding Machine Learning in a Modern World, is a 4 module, 12 lesson course, approximately 60 minutes in length.

This course covers fundamental concepts and insights surrounding Machine Learning. It includes the top industries that use Machine Learning, required skills, salary potential, and so much more! Understanding Machine Learning in a Modern World is ideal for professionals in careers with high market demand who seek to match their skills to the modern tech industry.

By the end of this course, you will have all the information, concepts, and insights needed to launch the next steps toward your Machine Learning career, from beginning to winning!

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding Machine Learning, How to Identify the Types of Machine Learning, Identifying Top Industries for Machine Learning

What to Expect

Module 1: We begin with Understanding Machine Learning in a Modern World. Here, we define terms, types, and benefits of machine learning so you can understand what the industry looks like today and where it’s headed tomorrow.

Module 2: Next, we cover Machine Learning Myths, Skills, & Certifications, where we look at common misconceptions of machine learning and what is required or recommended regarding skills and certifications.

Module 3: In module three, we dive into Machine Learning Careers & Top Industries, where we discuss careers, roles, and salaries. We also discuss which industries have the highest demand for machine learning skills.

Module 4: Finally, module four covers Machine Learning Tools & Resources. This module provides you with books, podcasts, boot camps, machine learning programs, and more. These resources are immediately available to you so you can continue your learning after the course has concluded.

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Course Includes

  • 12 Video Lessons
  • Course Certificate

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Angela Doyle
Posted 9 months ago
Good Foundational Course to understand basic concepts

Great course to start your journey and expand your basic knowledge

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Paula Epstein
Posted 12 months ago
I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to begin a career in Machine Learning!!!

This is an EXCELLENT course for AI enthusiasts who want a better understanding of Machine Learning. In addition, this is a FABULOUS resource for those who want to start a career in Machine Learning as it offers many tips and tools in order to pursue this as a career!!

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Edward Coke
Posted 2 years ago
No Excuses, Learning At Your Fingertips

The platform really minimizes the excuses of stating you don't have enough time, as the lessons are bite-sized, but impactful. One of the best features is the recap at the end, in which frames up the lesson that you just learned. In providing that feature alone, it made me go back and listen again because I wanted to capture the additional context I may have missed.

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