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Approx 4 hrs To Complete

Immerse yourself in our self-paced Supplier Readiness Program, designed for comprehensive learning. Develop a supplier-ready mindset, assess strengths, understand small business dynamics, manage relationships with sourcing companies, and overcome obstacles. Unleash your supplier potential with our transformative program.


  • Supplier Readiness Certified
  • Enrolled and active supplier
  • In touch with participating sourcing partner

What to Expect

Lesson 1: The Supplier Ready Mindset

  • Defining what it means to be a diverse supplier
  • Benefits of being a diverse supplier
  • 7-key aspects of the supplier ready mindset

Lesson 2: Role, Importance & Relationship of the Diverse Supplier

  • Role & Importance of the Diverse Supplier
  • Understanding Commonly used key terms
  • The Relationship between the diverse supplier & sourcing company

Lesson 3: Knowing & Showing your Strengths, Goals and Offer

  • Understanding your competitive advantage
  • Defining your Goals and the whys
  • Assessing your offer and expertise (Range of goods & services diverse suppliers can offer)

Lesson 4: Managing common issues that catch diverse suppliers off guard

  • Volume & Scale: Meeting client demands
  • Extended payment terms
  • Payment delays & disputes

Lesson 5: Registering as a Diverse Supplier & Understanding Your Business Documentation

  • Understanding Supplier Registration portals
  • Understanding your business documents
  • Planning and preparing best practices

Lesson 6: The RFI, RFQ & RFP Process explained

  • Defining the RFI, RFQ & RFP Process
  • Each phases differences
  • How to increase your chances of success

Lesson 7: Winning the work and showing up in excellence

  • The awards announcement
  • Delivering Quality
  • Best Practices for long term success

SRP Exam:

The final exam for the Supplier Readiness Program is a comprehensive assessment comprising 30 questions.  These questions cover essential topics from each lesson and include a mix of true or false and multiple-choice questions. Participants have already encountered similar questions through knowledge checks and recaps during the program. Exam takers are allocated a maximum of 30-minutes to complete the final exam. A passing Score is considered 90% or better. Upon successfully passing the exam, participants will be awarded an accredited supplier readiness certification from Skilldora.
Participants have the opportunity to make two attempts to pass the final exam. They are encouraged to review their notes and revisit the knowledge check questions to enhance their preparation for achieving success in the final exam.

If you have any further inquiries regarding the final exam, please feel free to reach out to

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Course Includes

  • 10 Video Lessons
  • 8 Topics
  • 8 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate

Ratings and Reviews

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Annette Hayes
Posted 9 months ago
WOW...An extremely strong tool to have in my tool box!

This course provided solid information. It was paired with great worksheets that pushed me to think through my business, what I offer and how I can be an asset to larger corporations. It definitely delivered on getting me ready to effectively collaborate and register my business as a Diversity Supplier! Knowledge is power and this was powerful knowledge. I highly recommend this course!

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Tonya Ferguson
Posted 9 months ago
Great information for startups and existing businesses

This program really surprised me. The course is easy to follow, and the individual lessons do a great job of building on one other. I have worked for (and with) global suppliers for a few years and this course filled gaps that I did not know I had. I am excited to apply the tools that I learned here. Highly recommend!

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Malobi Achike
Posted 9 months ago
Super Helpful

I just completed my Supplier Readiness Course and I'm so happy by how user friendly it was to navigate the platform and how the courses were broken down into digestible bites so the learner can really grab onto the takeaways.

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Aerin Thomson
Posted 9 months ago
How to Strengthen Your Own Business!

This program was worth every minute spent! It truly dives into all the information needed on how to become a diverse supplier. As a business owner, it also opens up your eyes on how you can strengthen your own business outcomes! Diverse suppliers can bring so many great advantages to the marketplace & it's so wonderful to see a program acknowledge this!

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Sandra Hardy
Posted 9 months ago
The Foundation Every Business Owner Needs To Be A Successful Diverse Supplier

Navigating the information highways of what is needed to become a successful Diverse Supplier and land contracts with major companies is plentiful and confusing. You may have one piece and not another important piece because there was not a central place to learn everything needed to be successful. Until now, this course was information, instructional, and provided the step by step guidance needed

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Brooke Elliott
Posted 9 months ago
Filling an Important Gap for Small Businesses to Succeed

This program provides diverse suppliers the necessary information and education to successfully market their business, build meaningful and strategic relationships, and communicate differentiation in what they offer to businesses of all sizes. It provides a strong set of tools to confidently submit proposals and possess appropriate business acumen to thrive. I'm grateful for this course!

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Rolande Sumner
Posted 9 months ago
Diverse Suppliers Should Enroll Today!!

The Supplier Readiness Certification provides clear, concise, and focused information about the preparation and success of supplier diversity. Lessons are actionable and build your business for success. After finishing the course, successful students are encouraged to work on their 60-day goals and are positioned to meet three companies seeking to work with diverse suppliers.

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Jessica Mendelsohn, MD
Posted 9 months ago
Very educational!

This program gave me the opportunity to look at my business from a global standpoint. As we gear up to grow and look forward to engaging with larger employers, the supplier readiness program was the perfect opportunity for me to to understand what those employers are looking for in their procurement process. I look forward to seeing what new opportunities come from now being a diverse supplier!

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