About This Course:

This comprehensive 8 Module / 24 lesson online course with exam and certification, is designed to equip business leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) effectively within their organizations. From understanding the AI landscape to implementing responsible AI practices, each lesson is structured to provide practical insights and actionable steps for successful AI adoption.

This Mastering AI for Business Transformation Certification Program Includes:

  • 2-3 Hours of learning
  • Welcome & Overview Video
  • 24 Interactive Video Lessons w/ Built Recaps
  • Participant Guide
  • 20 Question Pass or Fail Quiz

Lesson Plan:

Module 1: Mastering AI for Business Transformation

  1. – Overview of AI technologies and applications in corporate functions
  2. – Impact of AI on industries, jobs, and ethical considerations
  3. – Real-world case studies of successful AI implementations

Module 2: Identifying Opportunities and Needs

  1. – Identifying business problems suitable for AI solutions
  2. – Assessing data availability, quality, and infrastructure readiness
  3. – Building a business case for AI implementation

Module 3: Selecting and Evaluating AI Tools

  1. – Researching and evaluating AI tools and platforms
  2. – Considerations for vendor reputation, security, and integration
  3. – Importance of pilot projects and proof-of-concept testing

Module 4: Implementation and Change Management

  1. – Framework for planning and executing AI projects
  2. – Addressing change management strategies for employee buy-in
  3. – Data governance, security, and compliance considerations

Module 5: Measuring Success and Monitoring Performance

  1. – Defining success metrics aligned with business goals
  2. – Setting up monitoring systems for performance tracking and improvement
  3. – Importance of ongoing iteration and learning

Module 6: Data Governance and Security for AI

  1. – Understanding data privacy regulations and compliance requirements
  2. – Implementing data governance frameworks for quality and security
  3. – Mitigating risks associated with bias and algorithmic fairness

Module 7: The Future of AI and Your Organization

  1. – Exploring emerging AI trends and technologies
  2. – Assessing potential impact on industry and workforce
  3. – Planning for continuous learning and adaptation

Module 8: Responsible AI in Practice

  1. – Ethical considerations of AI in the workplace
  2. – Implementing practices for fairness, transparency, and accountability
  3. – Addressing concerns about job displacement and promoting reskilling initiatives

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Course Includes

  • 8 Video Lessons
  • Course Certificate

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