How to Start Your Career as an Agile Coach

  • Discover the benefits of emotional intelligence with real-world applications
  • Learn greater self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication
  • Access tools to continuously build emotional intelligence

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Course Description:

  • 4 Modules
  • 12 Video Lessons

Approx 1 hr To Complete

How to use Emotional Intelligence to Gain More Success is a four-module, 12-lesson course approximately 60 minutes in length.

This course covers all of the steps required to increase your emotional intelligence, including foundations and the history of emotional intelligence, key advantages and benefits, and examples of how to use emotional intelligence in the workplace.

This is an excellent resource for new and evolving leaders and people manager roles seeking more success in motivating their teams. After enrolling in this course, you'll find a depth of immediately usable substance and industry techniques.

Skills You’ll Learn

How to Get Started as an Agile Coach, Top Skills and Traits of an Agile Coach, Understanding Agile Frameworks & what it takes to stand out.

What to Expect

Module 1: In module one, we start with the Foundations of Emotional Intelligence, learning about the concept of emotional intelligence, when it was first introduced, and why it’s important.

Module 2: In module two, we launch you into the emotional intelligence mindset by helping you develop self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication – all core tenets of emotional intelligence.

Module 3: In module three, we uncover how you can use emotional intelligence at work and in everyday life with real-world examples of how to put emotional intelligence into action.

Module 4: In module four, we offer tools and resources to help you build upon your new emotional intelligence skillset, plus an opportunity to test what you’ve learned in the course.

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Course Includes

  • 13 Video Lessons
  • Course Certificate

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