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Imagine standing at the forefront of technological innovation, holding the keys to a future filled with endless possibilities. With Skilldora’s Learn Pass, that future is not just a dream but a tangible reality within your grasp. Whether you’re taking your first step into the world of Artificial Intelligence or looking to elevate your existing skills, these three accredited certifications are your golden ticket. Prepare to explore, innovate, and lead in a field that’s shaping the world. The journey of a lifetime awaits, and it starts here, with Skilldora. Are you ready?

Skilldora's Learn Pass Includes Our Top 3 A.I. Courses w/ Certifications for Just $449.99

Artificial Intelligence Essentials Certification Course (AIEC):

Perfect for AI beginners and enthusiasts seeking to understand a new world of AI, the AIEC program is a 13 video lesson program covering AI essentials like bias detection and ethics, natural language processing, robotics, hands-on AI learning activities and so much more. Equipped with reference guides, knowledge checks and a final exam required for certification, the AIEC delves into the key subjects like AI governance, privacy, real-world applications, and strategies for AI reskilling and so much more!
  • 5-6 Hours of learning
  • Welcome & Overview Video
  • 13 Interactive Video Lessons 
  • Participant Guide
  • Built in Knowledge Checks & Case Studies
  • 58 Question Exam
  • AI Essentials Certification (AIEC)

AI Prompt Engineering Fundamentals Certification Course (AI-PEFC):

Perfect for business, marketing and technology professionals who understand the impacts of AI prompt writing, yet seek to know the theories behind why certain prompt concepts work better than others, the AI-PEFC program consists of 6 robust video lessons designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of prompt engineering’s foundational principles, concepts and techniques’ including what caused its rapid viral growth in 2023. Our curriculum goes beyond mere shortcuts to empower a profound mastery of the field, ensuring you’re equipped not with mere hacks, yet with a genuine and demonstrable comprehension of the discipline. 
  • 2-3 Hours of learning
  • Welcome & Overview Video
  • 5 Interactive Video Lessons w/ Built Recaps covering 3 lessons
  • Participant Guide
  • Bonus Video:Getting hired as a Prompt Engineer beyond certification
  • 20 Question Pass or Fail Quiz
  • AI Prompt Engineering Fundamentals Certification (AI-PEF)

Machine Learning: Understanding Machine Learning in a Modern World Course:

Perfect for the curious AI techy who wants to go a bit deeper into the science behind Machine Learning, this certification is a lightweight introduction to understanding Machine Learning in a Modern World: This 12 video lesson program covers key insights into Machine Learning, including industry applications, essential skills, and salary potential. Perfect for professionals aiming to align with tech industry needs, this course is your gateway to kickstart a Machine Learning career.
  • 1-2 Hours of learning
  • Welcome & Overview Video
  • 4 Interactive Video Lessons 
  • Built in Audible Recap Rounds
  • Machine Learning Completion Certificate

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A Year to Transform Your Skills

With Skilldora’s Learn Pass, you’ll have 12 months to complete all three courses, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Whether you’re a beginner looking to break into the industry or a professional seeking to upgrade your skills, this pass caters to all levels.

Why Choose Skilldora's A.I. Learn Pass?

  • Affordable Education: Three top-tier certifications at one unbeatable price.
  • Industry-Recognized Courses: Elevate your resume with qualifications that are recognized and respected worldwide.
  • Flexible Learning: Access the courses anytime, anywhere, and complete them at your pace.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from industry leaders and gain real-world insights.
  • Globally Accredited Courses: Our accreditation means our learners gain continuing professional development (CPD) with every course ensuring positive and successful outcomes which lead to faster wins!

See What Learners Say About These Courses...

Artificial intelligence is here today even more than we realize – they’re even using it on LinkedIn. This course provides an excellent foundation for understanding the key components of AI including AI terminology. Your AIEC certification is extremely useful whether your goal is to stay current with the latest industry trends or to start a career in AI!
Paula Epstein
Skilldora Member
The platform really minimizes the excuses of stating you don't have enough time, as the lessons are bite-sized, but impactful. One of the best features is the recap at the end, in which frames up the lesson that you just learned. In providing that feature alone, it made me go back and listen again because I wanted to capture the additional context I may have missed.
Edward Coke
Skilldora Member
This course definitely lays the groundwork and foundation for anyone desiring to understand AI better and also anyone looking to getting into the AI career field.
Anthony Jones
Skilldora Member

About This Program:

AI Learn Pass is a program designed to accelerate the AI skills gaps of working professionals who have little to no tech background, who require training, reskilling, or upskilling to remain competitive in today’s market. AI Learn Pass consists of 3-online self-paced accredited AI programs (i.e. AI Essentials, AI Prompt Engineering & Machine Learning,) for 1 flat price: taking learner’s AI skillsets from beginning to winning in less than 30 days.

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