Age of AI: New state-of-the-art digital platform supports the launch of supplier readiness program’s virtual cohort nationwide

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Age of AI: New state-of-the-art digital platform supports the launch of supplier readiness program’s virtual cohort nationwide

Only a few days ago, many of the small-business aspiring diverse suppliers pictured here in this cohort, were total strangers co-located in various states across multiple industries.

Today, there’s a proverbial silent-riot of explosive learning-outcomes happening, and digital revolution occurring right before our eyes, and it’s only about to erupt onto the main stage nationwide; for all to see, on Aug 17, 2023!

The silent-riot I’m referencing, is a NEW supplier readiness program that aims to help small business diverse suppliers get ready faster and more prepared to work with big corporations in their local areas, and thanks to Skilldora’s new state-of-the-art digital platform for modern eLearners, the concept of engaging and immersive cohort based online learning, is being taken to the next level.

Often hailed as the Facebook of eLearning, Skilldora has quickly transformed this cohort group of strangers into fast friends connected through a common cause, earning their certifications in Supplier Readiness and increasing their chances of working with Corporate partners.

Skilldora – is an AI EdTech platform & accredited e-Learning provider who offers continuing education for adult learners on-demand through micro-credentialed certification programs curated by AI Avatar Instructors.

In today’s digital age, eLearning has become a popular and effective way to acquire new skills and knowledge. With the upcoming nationwide launch of its supplier readiness program, Skilldora’s advanced platform features set out to redefine the eLearning landscape to prove that learning can be both educational and social, and that learners who learn together can lead to increased momentum and higher online course completion rates, which is a big challenge in the eLearning industry.

The rules:

Cohort members have individual Skilldora learner’s accounts to their course program and materials, and are given access to a Supplier Readiness Group on Skilldora, by which they can share their experiences and post as often as they wish.

  • Pilot Start Date: The pilot cohort started together on July 10, and are set to end on Aug 10, and were give the same participant documents and review instructions, both as learners and as pilot assessors.
  • Prescreened: Cohort Members were vetted, prescreened and assembled at least 45 days in advanced of the pilot start date and excited to participate.
  • Self Guided: This pilot is self guided, which means no interreference from the Skilldora L&D Team, enabling cohort members the freedom to act within their natural behaviors. This allows the native collaboration skills of adult learners to be fairly assessed & captured by Skilldora.
  • Assessing Natural Adult Learning Behaviors: Understanding the native behaviors of small business owners’ and their self-motivated learning styles, helps Skilldora to set the right expectations to its business partners & clients around this “Self-Paced & On-Demand” program, without external guidance.
  • Document Accessibility: For this reason documents were stored in the group (as seen below), and covered by the program lead during a pre kick off call, pre-pilot.

Unparalleled Accessibility:

One of Skilldora’s standout features is its accessibility. Learners in the program can access their Skilldora profiles and group through Skilldora’s web-based platform, or its convenient mobile app. This differentiator offers cohort members the ability to enable learning on the go, even without network or internet capabilities. This flexibility ensures that learners can make the most of their time, whether they are traveling, commuting, or simply without an internet connection.

Real-Time Feedback and Meaningful Interaction:

Skilldora goes beyond the traditional eLearning experience by fostering real-time feedback and interaction. Learners within the program cohort can engage with the platform, share their progress, and provide feedback on the program’s curricula and the platform itself. This interactive element not only enhances the learning process but also enables continuous improvement based on user input, making Skilldora a dynamic and adaptive eLearning solution.

See Some of the Collaborative Exchanges from Week 1:

Pivotal Training Partner:

Skilldora with its advanced learning features (i.e. AI Digital Human Presenters, messaging, tagging, social sharing, group cohorts, etc.,) aims to be a pivotal training partner by offering a multitude of differentiators. With its innovative digital platform, Skilldora sets the stage for a transformative learning experience. The platform’s cutting-edge features, coupled with its focus on individual and team enablement, make it an ideal choice for organizations and educational institutions alike. Skilldora’s commitment to continuous improvement ensures that it stays at the forefront of eLearning technology, providing learners with the best possible training experience.

We will be updating the progress of this pilot team on a weekly basis!

Program Inquiries: To stay connected or to learn more about the pilot contact us here:

B2B Partnerships: To learn more about how Skilldora might make a solid partner for your organization contact us here:

Thanks for reading this article, and feel free to share your thoughts, and with your networks, if you found it valuable!

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