Helping You Advance In Your Career

Giving You More Than A Simple Course

Continuing professional development can be a great way for learners to stay ahead of the curve, and ensure their skills remain up-to-date and relevant in their current role and future career. By regularly engaging in professional development opportunities, learners can stay abreast of the latest developments in their field, and can even pursue new areas of specialization. 

What Our Accreditation Means

Skilldora’s globally accredited courses provide the assurance that they have been carefully evaluated by The CPD Standards Office for quality and meet certain standards of education. Learners who undertake our accredited courses have the assurance that their qualifications will be recognized by employers, universities and other educational institutions. Our accreditation provides a sense of credibility to each course, ensuring that the learner is receiving the highest quality of education. 

Benefits For Learners

  •  Ability to showcase your achievements with a recognized qualification
  • Promotes the advancement in career progression
  • 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU) earned per 1 hour course
  • Receive a completion certificate at the end of each course
  • Stay up to date with the most recent developments, practices and data