Who We Are

Founded in 2021, Skilldora, an ed-tech startup based in Fort Mill SC is working to become one of the first companies worldwide to deliver online courses only through artificial instructors on its platform. We believe that future learning will involve more interactive and personalized experiences than ever before which is why we have made a choice to lead and support this change.

Skilldora offers a suite of AI-instructed courses, interactive features and partnerships with industry leaders. Our premier collaboration is the A.I. animation technology, licensed from D-ID, an Israel based firm known for its Creative Reality™ technology which helps Skilldora accelerate the evolution of next generation learning.

How We're Different

We combine the subject matter expertise of A.I. writers, the instructional design skills of our master trainers, and our team of A.I. Instructors, to provide professional courses tailored to fit the busy schedules of modern learners.

OUR MISSION: Skilldora’s mission is to use the power of A.I. to bring you a new world of eLearning

VISION STATEMENT: Skilldora aims to be the go-to A.I. eLearning solution, for modern learners and future-forward companies.

Skilldora Means Gift

What’s in a name? If you ask us, the name says it all. Stemming from Greek origin, Dora means gift, and perfectly describes how we want you to feel after taking each course. We want you to feel like you’ve been gifted the skills to have the career of your dreams. Therefore we give you skills, that keeps on giving!

Our Story Begins With Family

DeMario McIlwain, CEO

Army Veteran, DeMario McIlwain, focuses his leadership & technical development skills on driving the delivery of next-level EdTech Services, Training, and eLearning Solutions to the masses on a global scale. Excited about the future of Skilldora Inc., DeMario and his teams are committed to helping organizations succeed and win in the EdTech space.

Dawn Nicole McIlwain, COO

With an unrivaled track-record for helping world class organizations achieve more business value, highly-sought-after Business Agility Expert & Globally Accredited Trainer & ex BCG'er Dawn Nicole McIlwain, uses advanced Agile techniques to produce high impact training courses at scale.

While Skilldora begin with a big vision and a unique belief that the eLearning market could be revolutionized, the real story started the moment DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain, invited their children to help build the company’s legacy.


Recognizing that the mission of a new start up, also meant the McIlwain’s had an opportunity to introduce their kids (ranging in ages from teenagers to young adults) to entrepreneurship, the couple decided to invite everyone
over for a special dinner. And so, on that hot summer day in July, CEO DeMario and dad, would pour out his heart felt vision on a pitch deck in the front of the living room, as the family looked on with amazement. Equally, COO Dawn Nicole and mom, provided the hot meal and desert, followed by an immediate hands-on training tutorial right after.

The couple had essentially offered their family an opportunity they couldn’t refuse, a chance to own lifetime stock in every course they helped to design. The kids were ecstatic!

Dinner ended quickly and the course production lab begin. First, refresher training on Skilldora’s new proprietary tools by mom, then timeboxed blitzes of researching and course structuring.  The event would be further enhanced by some friendly course to course competition and soul music grooves by Motown’s greatest hits.


Today, Skilldora’s Co-Founder’s DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain could not be happier that their children are not only entrepreneurs, yet they are also a part of Skilldora history! To this very day, the power couple is beyond proud to have exposed their children to entrepreneurship A.I. Technology skills and advanced course creation, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that a portion of every course sale, will generate profit shares for the couple’s earliest adopters, their family.

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