About Skilldora

Welcome to Skilldora, the revolutionary eLearning platform that uses A.I. avatars to bring education to life! Our mission is to make learning more interactive and personalized through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Founded in 2022, we are proud to be at the forefront of the eLearning industry and one of the first companies in the United States to use A.I. digital humans to deliver all of our online courses. We are based in Fort Mill, South Carolina and have partnered with industry leaders, including D-ID, an Israel-based company known for its Creative Reality™ technology, to bring the most innovative and engaging learning experiences to our students.

In addition to our A.I. instructed courses, we also offer a range of interactive features to make learning more dynamic and interactive. Join us on our journey to shape the future of education and become a member of the Skilldora community today!

How We're Different

We combine the subject matter expertise of A.I. writers, the instructional design skills of our master trainers, and our team of A.I. Instructors, to provide professional courses tailored to fit the busy schedules of modern learners.

OUR MISSION: Skilldora’s mission is to use the power of A.I. to bring you a new world of eLearning

VISION STATEMENT: To be the U.S. frontrunner in sustainable A.I. eLearning

Skilldora Means Gift

What's in a name? If you ask us, the name says it all. Stemming from Greek origin, Dora means gift, and perfectly describes how we want you to feel after taking each course. We want you to feel like you've been gifted the skills to have the career of your dreams. Therefore we give you skills, that keeps on giving!

Our Team

DeMario McIlwain

CEO & Co-Founder

Army Veteran, DeMario McIlwain, focuses his leadership & technical development skills on driving the delivery of next-level EdTech Services, Training, and eLearning Solutions to the masses on a global scale. 

Dawn Nicole McIlwain

COO & Co-Founder

Business Agility Expert & Globally Accredited Trainer & ex BCG'er Dawn Nicole McIlwain, uses advanced Agile techniques to produce high impact training courses at scale.

Marcquelle McIlwain

Meta experience trainer

An eSports Gamer and Metaverse Enthusiast with a wealth of experience in using digital programs to drive impressive business growth for organizations.

Our Story Begins with a Focus on Family Legacy

When DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain founded Skilldora, they had a big vision and a passion for revolutionizing the eLearning market. But they also knew they wanted their family to be a part of this journey, so they invited their children – ranging in age from teenagers to young adults – to help build the company's legacy.

One summer evening, the McIlwains gathered their family in the living room for a special dinner. DeMario, the CEO, shared his heart-felt vision for Skilldora with his family, presenting his pitch with emotion and excitement. COO Dawn Nicole, meanwhile, served up a delicious meal and dessert, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for their children to join in the fun.

After dinner, the couple led a hands-on training tutorial, introducing their children to the company's proprietary tools and inviting them to design courses as part of their lifetime stock ownership in the company. It was a powerful moment, as the family came together to create something special and meaningful.

As they worked together to research and structure courses, competing against each other and listening to Motown's greatest hits, the McIlwains knew they were building more than just a company – they were building a legacy. And to this day, they are proud to have introduced their children to entrepreneurship, A.I. technology skills, and advanced course creation, and to know that a portion of every course sale goes to their earliest adopters – their children.

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