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1st eLearning platform to gain global accreditation for online courses taught by AI Digital Human Instructors

Adult Continuing Education. Self-Paced On-Demand. SHRM Approved Recertification Provider. Accredited AI Avatar Curated Courses.

Skilldora is an AI EdTech platform & app-based accredited e-Learning provider who offers continuing education on-demand for adult learners through micro-credentialed certification programs. With 5-Learning Categories across Personal Development, Professional Development, Leadership Development, Career Advancement, and Entrepreneurship, we partner with organizations, agencies & corporations to support workforce & economic development efforts.

Skilldora Welcomes Future-Forward Adult Learners!

Join our vast community of future-forward online learners today, and discover a number of ways to connect, engage and earn continuing professional development credits (CPDs) as you learn! Our news feeds, chats and groups make it easy to stay up-to-date with the hottest topics or collaborate to get the support you need to succeed. Whether you're looking to upskill, reskill or refresh, we've got you covered! Get access now to the best in online learning & pay only for the programs you select!

We Offer Certification Programs Across 5-Learning Categories

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Skilldora is an Official Globally Accredited Training Provider

Known for our signature method of infusing subject matter expertise with AI Avatar curated courses to quickly deliver educational content 50% faster, Skilldora’s online learning platform & app is first in the world to earn global accreditation for its use of AI Avatar Instructors. 

Being the first to earn this title means we are making it possible for Learners, Educators & Businesses to launch big ideas faster through a new world of AI. By providing accredited online programs, we are living our mission of using the power of A.I. to bring a new world of future forward skills & innovation to modern learners, educators & businesses.

Our accreditation means our learners gain continuing professional development (CPD) with every course ensuring positive and successful outcomes which lead to faster wins!

Skilldora is Helping Educators Pave the Way with AI in Education

At Skilldora, we believe that ethics should be at the forefront of all artificial intelligence (AI) development and usage. As such, we strive to incorporate ethical considerations into all aspects of our AI practices, from data collection to decision-making algorithms.

We also believe in responsible AI development, which means that we take steps to mitigate the potential biases that can arise from AI algorithms. We recognize that AI is only as unbiased as the data it is trained on, and we work to ensure that our algorithms are as fair and accurate as possible.

Finally, we are committed to ongoing monitoring and evaluation of our AI practices to ensure that they remain ethical and responsible. We recognize that AI is a rapidly evolving field and that ethical considerations must be constantly reevaluated and adapted as new challenges arise.

AI has the potential to transform our world for the better, but we also recognize the risks and challenges that come with its development and usage. By prioritizing ethics and responsibility in our AI practices, we strive to ensure that AI is used in a way that benefits everyone.

We Stand On 4-Core Values

We promote innovation & diversity in education always, in all ways, and believe the use of artificial intelligence in learning & development will help to accelerate upward mobility in future-forward learners & create more sustainable learning pathways as we look to the road ahead.

See our core values below:

  1. Innovation Over Tradition
  2. Ethics Above All
  3. Future Forward Mindset
  4. Value First

Skilldora FAQs

 Skilldora offers an opportunity for high-demand skills investing on a tight-budget, and in little time. Each course teaches hot job market must-haves, or entrepreneurial skills that would normally take many hours and dollars to acheive.

Skilldora offers a combination of soft skills, in demand job skills, and simplification of advanced skills.

Each Skilldora course offers a built-in “call and respond” recap-round at the end of each module to ensure the lessons remain sticky and top of mind. We also provide tools and tips in our final modules to ensure the learner can put their learnings into practice right away.

Skilldora courses provides its eLearner’s with the competence, and confidence to put high demand industry skills in practice by simplifying advanced concepts in under an hour.

Skilldora creates a group for each course and invites participants to join as a course co-hort group enabling them to reflect on their learnings post course as a collective.

Certificates of completions are auto generated to the eLearner via a download now link once the user finishes the final lesson of the last module.

Skilldora Inc. is a Federally Registered Minority Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Black American Owned, For-Profit Organization, Limited Liability Company, Minority-Owned Business, Self-Certified Small Disadvantaged Business, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, Veteran Owned Business.